I’m an English artist, originally from London, living in Lleida, Catalonia. I live with my partner Jordi, and our two children.

I produce my work within the context of feminine art making, endeavouring to find a female artistic identity through embracing the non-monumental, the ephemeral, and the intimate. This has stemmed from the isolation and disconnection I experienced when I became a mother 5 years ago. And has evolved in the context of observing my children’s’ development and establishing a dialogue with contemporary art, particularly abstract painting, and applied arts.

I welcome the influence of kitsch and popular culture in my work as they reveal a need to be flawed, imperfect but ultimately loveable, as well as undermining elitist power structures that cause a sense of insecurity and chaos in our lives.

Play as an artistic process is essential to my practice as it provides a structure and freedom to create with a sense of fun and self discovery. Using found, inexpensive and children’s art materials to continue a dialogue with contemporary art has been the main focus of my making. For example, I have used plasticine to make ephemeral abstract ‘paintings’; plastic sheeting, craft foam and latex paint to make a wall hanging inspired by Maori dog hair capes; and an installation of object paintings made from insulation foam, wood, canvas, craft foam, photographs, clay, and wool.



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