In this blog I want to share some recent mega fun I’ve been having in my studio. I have been working on a variety of different 2 and 3D projects pursuing play, colour, geometric shapes, materials, celebrating a lack of skill, memories of childhood sewing, cartoons and toys.

I’ve been working with Fimo for the first time since I was a kid and it’s working out as a pretty decent substitute for plasticine as once it’s been cooked I can paint on it, hang it on the wall and add other materials to it.

Some textiles projects are developing within my narrow skill range, but I really enjoy this kind of situation… not having a clue is the funnest and bestest!

My paintings have changed since I’ve been investigating these other materials, which is quite interesting to see.

A solid new inspiration for my work was the Troll movie… new spirit animals for me.



2 thoughts on “Mega fun!

  1. It does look colorful and full of fun 😀 I have no advice about goals as I struggle with them too. I will say that sometimes creating isn’t about what it looks like.

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