I lost it for a while there. I lost my grip; my belief in my own capacity to sort it all out and look after myself. I felt like I failed my MA, even though I absolutely did not. But that belief floored me for a time. Until I got back up off my arse, and tried again. I needed a challenge and my challenge was this: a solo exhibition of work somewhere local and sympathetic.

I followed my gut, as usual, and approached a local space that recently declared itself a gallery. Past experience told me they might not be interested in my style of work but I gave it a go and they responded. They liked my work but I wasn’t convinced they really wanted to work with me. But they did, and we did. We had some more meetings and I saw their resolve grow; they seemed suddenly excited and full of ambitions for me and for themselves.

Merce and Esther Terrés of Basement Gallery, Lleida, Spain are two ladies with vision and drive and I can’t help thinking maybe they suddenly came into existence just when I needed them. Because I needed them, when I was beginning to believe my own stories and lose hope for myself and my work. They were clear and calm and professional, they listened and wrote down what I said and told me what they wanted. In terms of the work they wanted more of the 3D work I’d been exploring the previous spring and they wanted loyalty.

Having always felt alone in my struggle to be an artist I am suddenly accompanied. Likewise the artist Carrie Brummer Hanna has become a beacon in the storm for me since I started taking her online workshops called The Circle.

My one goal since the end of my studies has been to find support systems to continue my work and I’ve got them, I feel incredibly grateful and blessed. I have a gallery, an online community and a partner who supports me and our family.

I wanted to give more general information about the exhibition but I’ll save it for another blog as this blog has become a big thank you to the universe and to myself and everyone for getting me to a place in my career where I finally feel like sky’s the limit.

Huge thanks to Photographer Núria Semis for her beautiful photos of the opening.



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