I’ve been away from this space for some time now. I finished my MA, that’s over. I’ve been dealing with the not knowingness of the post-MA haze. The three years of intense child-rearing and grabbing moments to study and paint. What now..? What next…?

In a monastic approach to my career as an artist I decided that habits are the answer, I needed a structure for my time and some habits that would lead me towards a vision.  First of all I completed a month long challenge with a the help of supportive American Facebook group called soul brush sessions with artist strong, … this encouraged me to find a creative goal for the month and so I decided to draw everyday and I did. I had also decided to use this goal to do an overdue illustration project.

So whilst drawing and thinking about illustration and doing my part-time job as an Efl teacher I realised I need more of a vision than this and I’m not sure being an ‘artist’ is exactly it. I need to make things but I need money too. Maybe illustration is the answer…

I have done a bit of illustration over the years but it’s always been a struggle and so I wondered if having a drawing habit would solve this, would make it less of a mountain.

I started reading ‘Better than Before’ by Gretchen Ruben, which talks about knowing yourself and creating habits that will lead to a happier life. I discovered that I’m a questioner, meaning I need to really believe in anything I do and if I can’t justify something then I kind of can’t make myself do it. So my goal or vision has to be something I can really believe in…

Finally thinking about goals and visions and making money and having a sustainable future I thought about all the people (mostly female) I truly admire and aspire to be in the art world, who have or are developing their artwork into a business. In no particular order: Angie Lewin of St. Jude’s, closely connected to Emily Sutton and Mark Hearld, Natalie Lété, lili Scratchy, Cornelia O’Donovan, Jenni Rope, Atelier BingoNúria Mora, Kindah Khalidy.



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