Coming up to the final show for the MA I’m looking for inspiration for ways to exhibit the work. Looking at artists like Phyllida Barlow her use of space is quite imposing but also dynamic and awe inspiring. But the work I feel most able to identify with is small and humbly positioned using a pin, a piece of string or a peg on a washing line; as is the case with some work by Alex J. Wood.

The selection of work I have could be displayed in multiple ways in a similar way to Jonathan Baldock’s work; on the wall, on a table (like Polly Apfelbaum) or on the floor.


Phyllida Barlow

Alex J wood

Alex J. Wood

Bettina buck

Bettina Buck

Jonathan Baldock 1

Jonathan Baldock

Jonathan Baldock 2

Jonathan Baldock

Jonathan Baldock

Jonathan Baldock


Phyllida Barlow

David Kefford 2

David Kefford



Polly Apfelbau

Pip and pop

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