The work of the following artists resonates with me because of its painterly nature, its use of colour and materiality, and its references to the domestic and kitsch. Woodman’s work is all about the decorative and the domestic, which makes it essentially feminine. It is also open and accessible, and playful.

Bernhardt makes paintings about her everyday life, the objects that surround her in a lighthearted playful manner. Her work is decorative and celebrates the applied arts. It is humourous because it celebrates kitsch and the domestic using the traditional format of the oil painting which is a reference to highbrow culture.


Betty Woodman ‘Ming Sisters’

katherine bernhardt

Katherine Bernhardt

Melanie Russell 'Trifle' oil on board 30.5  x 27cm 2011

Melanie Russell ‘Trifle’

Polly apfelbaum feelies 2010

Polly Apfelbaum ‘Feelies’ 2010

Russell’s paintings of cakes and puddings make a similar celebration of kitsch and domestic, and essentially female sphere using a high brow medium.

Apfelbaum makes ‘bad craft’ using children’s materials, plasticine and polymer clay to make small painterly studies that are ephemeral. The fact that these pieces are ephemeral makes them anti-monuemental,  accessible and therefore domestic, human, fun.



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