From looking at tribal dress, and finding out from a lecture with the anthropologist Haidy Geismar about Maori dog hair capes, and looking at the Moroccan rug inspired paintings of Katherine Bernhardt I decided to make my own rug/cape. The process used to make these traditional and spiritual craft objects involves spending a lot of time with the piece and infusing it with your experiences and emotions to give it special significance. I realised that the plastic sheeting I’ve been working on for the last two years could be given this same kind of significance so I started to work into it think about rugs and capes and painting.  I continued to use the craft foam I’d been using up to that point and began to cut it into random shapes imaging the studio floor covered in scraps, but also thinking of an Elizabeth Murray meets Matisse paper cut outs aesthetic.


I took another piece of plastic and began to try out a more rug inspired design using other found materials from craft shops. WP_20151116_14_02_29_Pro (2).jpg

I began to add a more geometric section to my rug.WP_20151116_15_58_32_Pro (2).jpg

Meanwhile I was also using builders putty, found materials and spray paint to make small studdies on wood. Thinking about the materiality of the tribal dress I’ve been looking at and the simple shapes and primary colours of Antonio Ladrillo.WP_20151120_14_27_32_Pro.jpg

Below are some sketches of patterns made in collaboration with my two small children Julia and Jack.InstagramCapture_65c1a8f3-cab6-4fef-92d7-e90820b95357.jpgInstagramCapture_8be7e3d3-3cfb-4033-81c1-cf02452ff0fd.jpg

Below the rug has been trimmed and I painted on the back so the marks would show through on the front and I began to work into it with some paint markers. WP_20151125_10_39_58_Pro.jpgWP_20151125_13_05_21_Pro.jpgWP_20151125_13_46_32_Pro.jpg

I feel like the rug finished itself, so my next step is to make some work on paper in response to it or in dialogue with it.


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