In October the artist Jaimini Patel gave us a lecture about her work that was very interesting and eye opening. She talking about how her process is meditative as she spends hours responding to materials to create works that also respond to the space they are installed in. This is interesting for me as my work is tending to be about my response to materials. She gave us some useful quotes about not being afraid to fail, which is very useful as we’re in our last year the MFA now. One of these was by Phyllida Barlow, part of the quote was “…the striving to find the visual thing that isn’t yet in one’s head. It just doesn’t have a cerebral identity” and I find that this is a very good description of what occurs when I’m working.

One of the results from this that occurred in the studio some days later was that I started to collect a lot of found objects together and I enjoyed this. The potential of this objects is interesting to me, they may or may not be used, they may lead to something else. I also started working with clay which made me realise that I’m very interested on surfaces to paint on… the object interests me if it has potential to be a painting.


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