What struck me the most about this lecture by Polly Apfelbaum is the wide ranging influences she describes as forming part of her creative process. She is open and interested in so many different things. I feel very encouraged by this as I find it very limiting having to refer to only once source of inspiration for my own work. I’m interested in multiple things: poetry, novels, ideas, nature, food, language, found objects, music, clothes, textiles, hanging fabric, print, ceramics, architecture, toys, sculpture, film.

There is so much to take from this lecture that I will have to keep going back to it; her process based investigations, her playfulness, her use of the floor instead of the wall to name a few.

A germ of an idea has been developing in my mind. It was sparked off by our lecture with Haidy Geismar in October when we learnt about how she was reconnecting tribe’s people with their cultural legacy through the use of digital media.  One of the tribes was Maori and they talked about the importance of these capes that were made during an extended period of time and that throughout this time the capes became imbued with the experiences and emotions of the maker giving them a special significance.  I’ve been working with colour and collage and the idea of a painting being an object and having a very particular materiality but the format always seems to escape me, so thinking about this Maori cape and thinking also about how I’m attracted to hanging cloth I spotted the plastic sheet I’ve been using in my studio for the last year or so. It’s spotted with drips of paint which represent evidence of the paintings I’ve been working on throughout the MA. I have been thinking about doing something to this plastic sheet throughout the year and then using it for my exhibition piece. I like this idea because it’s actually very conceptual but also very craft based, which is what I’m really attracted to.


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