Looking at other people’s work on the MA is always interesting and causes me to reflect on my own progress. We were able to have quite a productive session last Friday.

We all worried about what we were supposed to present for the course… because on the whole we all felt like we were only just beginning to get into our respective lines of research. I felt personally, that I need to spend a lot of time making and even then I doubt anything resolved will necessarily emerge. It seems to me that there are a lot of moments of discovery or development along the way without any final moments of closure. This leads me to think that really my work is very process based.

Looking at my work in the group, I think people found it hard to give opinions about it… which was slightly frustrating. However we did manage to establish that my work is made up of layers of different abstract elements, which means it could be possibly be reproduced as a sculptural piece which I found very interesting, and I know of two artists who have done just this with their paintings quite recently: Jenni Rope and David Myrvold. This would be a natural or at least logical progression from the plasticine work from last year.

I found everyone else’s processes very rich and inspiring. Being able to trace the connections they’d made was very satisfying but it made me worry that this may not be the case for someone looking at my work. It’s a time of uncertainty, but I think I need some time to pass before I can have any clear opinions about what to do about these doubts should they remain.

Below are the images I shared during the crit. In this series I’ve been fighting references to subject matter and I’ve been exploring using masking techniques and stencils. I’m not able to vocalize to myself what I’m doing just yet but it is a break away from what I was doing up to now so it feels important.

IMG_1292 IMG_1298IMG_1296 IMG_1255

IMG_1301 Judith farr - copia


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