This talk about the benefits of collaboration was very useful I found. Since completing task 1 of my second year on the MFA I have been very attracted to and fascinated by collaborations of all kinds. In task one “Testing the boundaries” I set up a painting activity for a team building exercise for a local business and the viewers became the participants while I directed.

In my new project for task 3 I’ve decided to create a collaborative project that involves six artists working together to create a body of work based on a theme. The theme is landscape. We have sent off a submission to a gallery and are seeking out possible other venues for our project to be shown. We have had to work together to get the submission together and it has been quite challenging but highly rewarding.

I really appreciated some of the comments about collaboration in this video because; although I know I enjoy collaborations I wasn’t completely sure about what all the benefits were. In fact the benefits are huge not just for art practice but for emotional intelligence and individual growth. For example; each person can have the opportunity to break artistic habits and try something new, they can transcend the self by becoming part of whole and therefore find release from “the fiction of personality”.  They can build strong relationships built on mutual respect and trust as a result of a situation of interdependence.

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