I really enjoyed this seminar with the artist Amy Sillman about colour. She talked about her process of making a painting and how it takes her a year sometimes of reworking to complete a piece of work. She realised that time is an important theme in her work and so she began working with animation to capture each passing moment as her work is created or developed. This made me wonder what themes are important in my work.

She also talked about how colour has an actual weight; it is a material thing that we manipulate usually without any real knowledge or scientific understanding of what we are doing. We work intuitively feeling the paint as we make, like alchemists. I think this is very interesting especially for my own practice, I’ve pecome very interested in what different materials can do and how I react to them, especially when I don’t really know what they can do or how to manipulate them. There is a tension created between what I would like to do and what the material allows me to do, and interesting things develop.

Below are a series of recent works in oil that have had me rather baffled, I felt quite frustrated with the material but I have come to accept and even feel a curiosity for what I have made.


Another example of a new material or method is Lithography which I have recently been introduced to by a printer I met at my exhibition in December. Here’s my first try:


I find this process very exciting probably also because I have no idea what I’m doing or what will emerge in the end.

Finally another thing I’ve been working on is drawing and here are some gouache drawings/paintings: image image


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