On the 12th December I inaugurated a show of my work here in Lleida. It took about 6 months to put together and was a huge learning curve and a lot of fun. I called it ‘Dragonfly’ after trying to come up with some suitable ways of describing or insinuating my process I decided to name the show after one of the pieces in the show and also an image that stuck in my mind whilst painting; some bright red dragonflies hovering over a brown pond. I thought this was quite pertinent as many of the pieces for the show were in inspired by walks in the countryside and by the things I saw. Not quite observations from nature but possibly experiences of it. Here are some photos:

10341467_10154972347895323_4118843772619643090_n10372141_10154879086490323_5085481376827823689_n10407449_10154954509225323_8936382273895416671_n10846463_10204646215829425_5431066198236322266_n10559809_10204646214349388_7734155313171563231_n  10349972_10204646216389439_3378882863671811766_n 15852_10204646211749323_1630484593363410091_n 10847942_10204646215149408_7892139543275733925_n  10675578_10204646214829400_7713114679816784623_n

Since the show I have worried that I probably wasn’t really ready to do a show, however, apart from the fact that I will probably never be ready or maybe I have always been ready, it was a great learning experience. I learnt a lot about painting by solidly making for this amount of time and then of course dealing with the curating side, designing posters and flyers, deciding to sign and title everything to add value. There were a lot of nerves of presenting myself and my work to the public and the local art world, giving a little heartfelt speech about being able to do the show rather than about the work. I feel like the whole experience has caused me to face a lot of fears and grow in the process.


2 thoughts on “Dragonfly exhibition

  1. Hi Judith! saw this blog on fb. this is a nice description of your process of putting your show together. congratulations for doing it, facing the fears. Im sure you are going to soar from here on out! I was wondering about your comment about a title making a piece more valuable- that’s interesting… people do like titles and when they come (in ones mind) they are fun or poignant. and are you signing on the front or back? just curious. Ive always had trouble signing on the ft. myself.

    • Thanks so much Brenda! It was a great challenge especially with looking after my baby boy and little girl. The title thing and signing on the front has always been hard for me too but I read an article on fb about it and it made sense to me. The signature makes it look finished and people value that and the title gives people a way in to the work. There were other reasons but I can’t remember now. It was a bit do or die at the last minute but I’m pleased with how it turned out. My recent philosophy has been to just do stuff without aiming for perfection 🙂 thanks again for your kind words.

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