Since my last post about my work one significant thing has changed, I’ve been working on a series of smaller canvases and this change in scale has been very rewarding. Working with drawing to break up the space and create my initial challenge to react to, then adding paint then more drawing and some sprayed elements. The paintings have developed in quite discernible layers. Working on about 6-8 pieces at once is quite interesting, I can get a lot of ideas working at once and each piece feeds off the others. As usual in my work each piece is quite different although I think it’s much easier to see a relation between the works than when I was working on two or more larger canvases at one time. I’ve recently started using oil paints again and watercolour so I’m excited to see what I can do with them. Still thinking about nature while I work, colours and shapes. These are very meaningful to me. I find urban landscape quite oppressive but in nature I’m always rewarded in some way by shapes or colours.


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