Task 1 Testing boundaries: Abstract painting for team building

Some notes to refer to during the team building activity with Grupeco (employees from the companies Ecostudi and Punt Eco) on Friday 24th October.


In my studio with examples of my work (work and sketchbooks) to show how I observe the world around me and how sometimes what I see makes its way into my paintings. At other times emotions appear or other things that I can’t explain. (self-discovery/a kind of thinking process)

A leap of faith is often necessary to start a piece of work; this is my fear of failure emerging. Every time I start I have to face this fear and try not to imagine all the steps of the painting before I take them but just accept who I am at that moment in time. This reoccurs throughout the process.

If the painting doesn’t work, I keep on going. I have a rest, go for a walk, sometimes the things I see in nature give me ideas for colours or shapes. Sometimes having a break just gives me energy to go back and fail again. (Perseverance/patience)

An infinite number of combinations of colours and forms are my tools, and I am constantly coming up against visual puzzles that I have to solve as well as opportunities to ruin everything I’ve done so far, and this does happen, I often have to start again from the beginning. But when the painting is suddenly finished, as if of its own volition, it feels like it’s all been worth it. (letting go/ allowing things to happen of their own accord)


The idea is to make a painting together as a group, we may come up against this fear I’ve been referring to but hopefully I’ll be able to guide you through it. I’ve prepared a game so as to take the pressure off as much as possible. I have a series of cards with actions and visual elements on them and here are the colours that we’re going to use. One by one we’ll take turns throwing the dice to choose a colour, then we’ll choose an action card (e.g. paint with your eyes closed, paint some stripes, some spots, a grid…) and we’ll paint on the canvas. We’ll keep doing this until either we feel that the work is done or our 45 minute time limit runs out. We’ll work in two groups of five.


We’ll look at the painting we’ve made and get some feedback. I’ll ask everyone to write down some observations (What did you enjoy about the activity? What surprised you about the end result? How did the activity change your understanding pf my work?). After we’ve written our observations we’ll exchange them with a partner and read them out to the group.

Presentation: 15 minutes

Activity: 45 minutes

Feedback: 15-20 minutes


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