Les gave an interesting seminar about all the ways that work can be exhibited or that the audience could engage with it. At some point he gave an example of how the audience became part of the work and helped to produce it by completing colouring books. This seemed pertinent to my intention to get employees to paint an abstract painting together. After Les advised me to find a way of easing the participants into the activity I thought about making it into some sort of game. This might involve a dice being thrown to decide on which colours or formal elements to use at each stage of the work. This creates a system whereby all pressure and responsibility are taken away from individuals in the painting process and can hopefully make it more enjoyable. However I think the individual could choose where the elements are introduced in the composition, this could allow for the use of intuition to some extent at least. I’m excited by the idea that the finished works will be completely different and a complete surprise.

I thought about giving some kind of presentation about abstract painting, and the notions behind it, but I don’t think it’s really useful to do so in this case. I might show them a few pieces of my work as examples of how I have used different formal elements together with intuition to create a composition. I think too much information could make the activity to intellectual and serious, and I think that would be counterproductive.


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