Reflection on outcomes since last tutorial

Since my last tutorial I have been working a lot in sketchbooks and painting on larger canvases, I have been experimenting with new media and I have spent two months working in a small village making paintings in reaction to the place and surrounding countryside. My initial thoughts starting MA2 were to continue in this way.


Current projected aims and outcomes

To find out about how residencies may be structured, to find out about arts grants, explore ideas for an artistic team building activity, continue my own reponses related to the site (drawing from memory and painting intuitively).




Discussion and recommendations

After I told Les all about the allotments where I plan to hold an exhibition and paint a mural he suggested that the space and contacts I have there have so much potential that it would be a shame to not exploit this for a larger more interesting project, that could somehow involve the users of the allotments. He sent me some information about the structure of residencies, art grants in the UK and some information about intuitive painting (which is something we touched on in the tutorial).

The idea of a residency and a longer term project appeals to me, I would like to find a way of doing something that embraces the social and gardening aspect of the place.

Some ideas that have come to mind are: focus on wildlife, biodiversity, the change of seasons and cycles in general, the moon and how this can guide gardeners, gardening therapy, art therapy.

The subject of my caring for my 5 month old son full time came up, and is something that is quite restrictive but I would like to adapt my practice to this current circumstance, this may dictate what decisions I make about the task.

I’ve spoken to my partner, who owns the allotments business and he has suggested doing an activity with his employees i.e the mural or some other group effort. I like the idea of getting a group of people to make some intuitive paintings or drawings from memory based on the allotments.

One thing that I see as being an obstacle is the funding. I live in Spain and it is very difficult to get any arts funding at all.

I’m noticing that I’m scared of the project getting away from me, I’m worried about outcomes. I think my boundaries are definietly being tested.


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