Collaboration/teaching/therapy proposal: Work with the employees of two companies located in site where allotments are, semi rural area on the outskirts of a town.

Using painting as a team building activity.

Presentation of my work to them, and my methods and practice (studio visit)

Making choices: marks, thick or thin, spots or stripes, colours, drawing, blocks of colour, pattern, thick paint, thin paint.

A walk around the site reacting to various things, patterns, plants, colours and other visual elements that could become a painting.

Split into two teams and make an abstract painting for 45 mins.

One team could be painting in the studio and the other could be painting in the part outside the studio on the floor, or hanging on the wall.

Or a painting relay: we could have various paintings and people do a bit on one and then move onto the next.

Various brushes of different sizes, acrylic paint and spray paint.

Two landscape canvases.

Hopefully they will learn to look at the world around them in a different way, they will have fun and surprise themselves.

Next step to take place on another occasion: the group will paint an abstract mural on the wall outside their offices.

I’ll choose a number of paint colours for them to work with I’ve been looking at Nuria Mora and Maya Hayuk’s work and they tend to use a mix of warm and cool colours which is very attractive. (buy some cheap brushes of different sizes, get a paint chart from Ma Jose and choose some colours/plus some sprays).

The emphasis will could on making a commitment to making a mark.

They’ll need old clothes.

I’ll need to find out how much the material will cost and see if I can get some money from them for it.

Ideas from Les:

ways-in’ might be to…..

1 – think about translation…

Translate sounds into marks – tone, line, colour, shape etc there are lots of parallels

What colour is a triangle?

What shape is pain / love etc?

2 – Simplifying what you can see

Use a framing device and recreate (larger) what is within it (at speed) – the results are always interesting/surprising

3 – creating systems where it is not possible to be ‘accurate’

Drawing with eyes closed – with the hand opposite to the one you usually use – all in an attempt to free up thinking.

think about the idea of sequence – joining – how to get from one part of the piece to another and so on…



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