I really got a lot out of reading this interview with Joanne Greenbaum. I feel like it gives me permission to keep doing the stuff I’ve been doing in my own practice.

For example; she doesn’t have a plan while working, she just works it out as she goes along, she uses the energy of drawing in her paintings, that’s something I’ve been trying to do for a while. She recognises the presence of 3D space in her work like a still life or something sculptural, I also recognise this in my work although I would say i see landscapes in my work quite often also. She explores painting by experimenting with other materials like clay, I have done this with plasticine and cardboard but I would love to use clay too.

She also says that being an artist is a lifetime commitment and you don’t have to live in NYC to do it, you just have to keep going and keep making, despite everything being against you to some extent.


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