Collaborations with other artists was one of the things on my personal practice plan and so when I was approached to collaborate on a painting project by the wonderful artist Clair Graubner I jumped at the chance.
Clair is a very accomplished figurative artist living in Manchester in the UK. She recently decided to make a foray into abstract painting. Her idea for our painting project, which we have called ‘Painting in parallel’, was for us to paint separately but in reaction to one another’s work. In this way one of us starts a piece and puts a photo of the first stage on our blog for the other to see and in turn they create the first stage of their piece. This continues until we each feel that our paintings have been resolved. We support one another throughout the difficult process of making a painting. This friendship and partnership has been developing over the last three months since we met on Facebook and last week we were approached by Philip J. Mellen from the wonderful art podcast blog ‘Ahtcast’ to do a podcast interview for his new shorter version of this blog called ‘Ahttakes’. This is a great way of not just gaining publicity and interest for our project but also of giving it some credibility amongst other artists. This has been a very enriching and motivating experience as well as a wonderful surprise getting to know Clair and forming a close friendship with her.



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