Trying to evaluate the past twelve months is not easy for me, it seems to have just passed by me in a blur. I’ve completed my first year of my MFA something I never expected to be doing. I’ve had a baby boy; also unplanned but really wonderful! I’ve been invited to participate in two international shows. I’ve had interviews and mentions on some great blogs. I’ve written and read and painted and played and made many wonderful new friends. I feel like my life has been completely enriched and is now full of possibility. The MFA has pushed me to really question my practice and work hard to do things that challenge me. My new friends in the MFA cohort have given me new perspectives on my practice as well as being a great support system during the sometimes difficult process. A very important aspect has been the PPP or personal practice plan; making a plan for the future of my practice and my career as a fine artist has given me a lot of focus on what steps I need to be taking to reach my goals. This has helped me to prioritize certain things and make decisions. Above all I’m really enjoying this journey, it doesn’t feel stressful or hard although it is challenging, it feels right.


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