In this interview the artist Richard Tuttle talks about the very personal source of his creativity. He infers that most artists have had difficult childhoods and personally I do identify with this… I don’t claim to have had a terrible traumatic childhood, but just a time of confusion and frustration. I was moody, shy, introverted, dyslexic and retreated into a fantasy world quite often. I hated myself for being all these things and probably for not being like others. My drawing was something that I felt very proud of and allowed me to feel like I was worth something after all.

Tuttle talks about how difficult it is for parents of an artist because they don’t know what you are… so often they try to mold you in their own image. He also talks about how he lost faith in all his teachers and that this was really his salvation. I also had unhelpful teachers and education was never great for me. I always felt like I needed approval. He talks about how we are all conditioned through education and our interior worlds are sacrificed.

I am very interested in understanding my interior world, as I’m very emotional and reactionary. I have sudden mood swings that I find hard to fathom. I’m very interested in what goes on inside me emotionally. I love to find out about the personal and emotional lives of artists and that’s probably what really attracts me about this interview with an artist whose work I greatly admire.



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