Here are some plasticine pieces I made at the end of my pregnancy some months ago. I shared them on various social media sites and got a pretty good response although many people showed concern about how I was going preserve the work as it’s made of such an insubstantial material. I guess the answer is I don’t know but does it matter?

Recently I came across the work of the artist Charline Von Heyl (TateShots: Charline von Heyl at Tate Liverpool) Not only does she make really exciting experimental work on large canvases that sell for a small fortune but she also does a lot of preparatory work in the form of collages and work on paper, this work doesn’t necessarily appear in the canvas work but it acts as an exploratory and learning aid. That’s how I feel about most of my work to be honest but especially the plasticine; it’s a way to push myself and play. Of course I would like to be able to keep the work or even sell it but even if I can’t it still has value, it can still be useful to my process and practice. Playing with a different texture and limited colour range can be inspiring and that is what I have found.

Photo 11-04-2014 19 12 58Photo 11-04-2014 18 44 57Photo 11-04-2014 18 35 27Photo 11-04-2014 18 43 22 (1)Photo 11-04-2014 18 31 38


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