I had a baby 32 days ago, his name is Jack. I have been going through the postpartum period getting to know my baby and myself. It is a very intense emotional and exhausting time but I’ve been observing my progress and my ability to meet the challenges and come through them. I feel proud of myself and my family; my partner Jordi has been so supportive and understanding and I’ve felt so close to him and so loved during this time.

I gave birth at home and it was a complete success. It was hard and painful but I fought through the pain and I feel like a real champ for how I handled it. I’ve been in low places during this time but overall I feel so positive and happy. I’ve even managed to do a bit of painting. I think coming back to painting and studying my MFA has changed me into a happy person. I didn’t used to be but now I have something that I feel passionate about everyday!

Photo 14-05-2014 16 29 35Photo 17-04-2014 13 49 58 Photo 17-04-2014 13 51 30 Photo 27-03-2014 17 49 55Photo 14-04-2014 16 43 43Photo 14-05-2014 16 09 58Photo 09-05-2014 16 35 20Photo 13-05-2014 15 20 01Photo 13-05-2014 15 20 26

Photo 14-05-2014 16 26 13Photo 22-05-2014 16 40 09


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