I’ve known about the work of artist Judy Ledgerwood for a little while and really admire her use of colour, the scale and also the simplicity and power of her work. So I was very happy to come accross the video of her discussing it on youtube:

Passing through color

She discusses using encaustic which creates a really pure form of colour, which she really loves.

I think I feel the same way about plasticine, working with pure colour is a different experience from using paint.

she also mentions that she’s inspired by other paintings, paintings that she would like to own but can’t and this is just what I find inspiring too.

Another artist I greatly admire is Melanie Russell:

Blog on Puddings and Pies work

I discovered these paintings, which are abstracts but inspired by traditional British puddings and pies. I think this work had impacted me on a number of levels. First of all the use of colour is so attractive and energizing, then the texture of the paint is very fluid but controlled through the use of masking tape in some areas as well as washes of colour; this combination is so simple but creates an amazing play between the different textures of paint. On another level the subject matter is very tongue in cheek, which I find delightful.

Altogether there’s something so simple and playful yet highly sophisticated about the work of these two artists that I aspire to.

Trifle 2011 oil on board by Melanie Russell


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