This is one of my all time favourite artists!

It’s interesting to hear him talk about his personal life when he started out in the 50s and 60s when he had to be supported financially by his wife. It just goes to show how it important it is for an artist to have a support network around them. I love that he’s such a down to earth London bloke, maybe because that’s where I’m from too.

It’s also interesting to hear him talk about his process; how he thinks about his work a lot and spends a lot of time on it but wants it to look like if just took 5 minutes to do. I think this is what I’m after too, in a way. Recently, as I mentioned here I was experimenting with showing the struggle in my work, but actually I felt unhappy with the results, and I think I need the work to look fresh and uplifting.

I admire how he has been a painter for all these years despite the down turn in popularity of this art form other the years. It gives me hope as a painter. In relation to this, he talks about how painting is an absolutely valid way of expressing what it means to be human, of expressing a life force. This is what it’s all about for me, this amazing inspirational optimism manifested in paint!


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