Here’s a wonderful video of Richard Serra talking about why he makes art.

I really appreciated what he said about searching for answers to his own personal questions and problems through making art. I think that’s what I’ve come to realise art does for me too.

On the MFA last week we had a guest lecturer. Les Bicknell (here’s his blog: http://lesbicknell.blogspot.com.es/2013/12/mirrorfilmmirror.html ) gave us a mind blowing talk about his practice and has left me a bit dazed and confused. It was a real shake up, but absoltutely necessary. I have been paying more attention to everyday life and taking more photos and videos as a result, as well as writing a lot more, especially whilst painting. He started his talk off by giving us an example of the verb list that Richard Serra used to inspire his practice telling us that we should do the same. So when I came accross this video of Serra on Facebook the other day I felt attracted to it immediately.

Here’s my list of verbs (although it isn’t really verbs)

To layer, to draw (freely, automatically, diagrams, maps), to make patterns (dots, grids, stripes, waves, I love Gingham!!), to block (use blocks of colour), to use bright/dark/light/neutral colour, to paint over, to paint on white, to paint on a coloured background, to use a round/flat/fat/thin brush, to use unmixed/mixed paint, to make thin washes, to use thick paint, to paint with emotion, to paint with care, to paint busy/simple things, to draw with pencil, to use metallic colours, to show mistakes, to hide mistakes, to take inspiration from: nature, architecture, textiles, art, deep inside, the subconscious. To repeat things, alternate things, connect things, disconnect things. Rhythm, random, repetition, balance, symmetry, asymmetry, smooth, rough, hairy, shiny, hot, cold, high contrast, low contrast.


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