Recent artist discovery for me: Karl Bielik

I saw an interview he did for Abstract Critical. He paints small scale abstracts and seems to be a very intuitive painter. I’m attracted to his work and his process because they’re similar to my way of working to some extent. He uses oil paint on wooden panels and he makes batches of small scale pieces that he works on simultaneously. He allows the work to evolve based on how he reacts to it at each stage.

He seemed very unapologetic about not thinking about the work outside of the studio, and that’s encouraging because I don’t think about my work until I’m working on it either. He gives his pieces names because he says he likes words; I feel stuck on this idea still. Maybe it’s too much commitment for me to name my pieces, or maybe it’s just too grand for how I feel about my work and myself.

I appreciate the diversity and invention in his work; he’s always investigating with marks and colours.


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