Photo 26-04-2013 13 59 53 Photo 26-04-2013 13 29 42 Photo 26-04-2013 13 28 57 Photo 26-04-2013 13 27 47 Photo 26-04-2013 13 25 25 Photo 26-04-2013 13 24 30 Photo 26-04-2013 13 24 14 Photo 26-04-2013 13 24 01 Photo 26-04-2013 13 23 38

Here’s a selection of pieces I worked on last week, using acrylic and pencil on paper. I’ve also included some sketchbook pages from this time. I’ve only recently started using a sketchbook while I paint and in fact I got the idea from seeing Inga Dalrymple’s beautiful splashy sketchbooks. I could see how you could be absolutely free in a sketchbook; free not to ‘finish’ anything. I think they help me to loosen up and try out different marks and colour combinations.

Last week was quite stressful; the weather was bad, my daughter was ill and I didn’t sleep very well for most of the week. Moreover, I was trying to write the blog post prior to this one. I felt full of negativity and the painting was hard going. I also started working with collage, trying to find some enthusiasm for something new. But in the end I just painted over them, I think painting with acrylic on paper is here to stay for the time being. By Thursday last week I felt like everything I’d made was just ugly and I felt very disparaged by this. However, now I know that I have to ignore these feelings because tomorrow is always another day and you never know what things will suddenly emerge in the studio. On Friday I had another bash and I feel quite pleased with what I’ve done. That’s what I love about abstracts; you can always surprise yourself at the last minute. I was trying to use more pastel colours in some of them, but in all honesty I was doing my best not to think too much and just see what happened.

A friendly person on Flickr said that the third picture reminded her of blueberries; this made me think about giving my pictures titles. I find this very difficult, because I work very quickly on various different pieces and I’m not sure what the pictures really mean. I also think that giving a title is very powerful and can really affect a person’s perception of the work. Albert Irvin uses street names to title his pictures. I suppose that’s a valid idea because it’s quite vague but also bears some reference to his life. I just can’t get my head around it though. I’m just such a visual person and I’ve always found words difficult. I’ll have to keeping mulling this one over.

At the end of last week I started reading about barbarous taste and how society perceives photography as representing real life. This is quite dense reading but it has got me thinking a lot about image, and how we want to be seen and also how people judge images based on their social function. Moreover, I’ve been watching programs about the economy and how we’re going to run out of oil very soon and then they’ll be a general collapse of society. This is both scary and thrilling. This instability is sort of wonderful; not knowing with any certainty what will happen in the future leaves room for a lot of different eventualities both negative and positive; a bit like abstract painting really 🙂


4 thoughts on “Studio Practice 3

  1. Hi judy. I sort of think of your work as emerging and as a whole. So individual paintings only mean something if they are with the others. I like your work, it’s interesting and quite exciting. You need an exhibition i think. My friend olive whose work I have shared on Facebook is now exhibiting her work and I think she is learning more and more because of it.

    • Thanks Ros, some interesting points. I think you’re right about the exhbition idea, I am building up to it I hope. I also agree with you about each painting forming part of something larger, I think it took me while to see that and then accept it, it’s exciting to me to see how things seem to develop of their own accord. Congratulations to your friend Olive, that’s great news. xx

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