Image Image ImageThis morning I’ve made some paintings on paper. There are seven of them. A couple of days ago I prepared some backgrounds in neutral colours and today I started working on them. I began by choosing colours and shapes according to my intuitive reaction to the background colours, and then I began to look for inspiration in other paintings and geometric patterns from textiles. I worked on them all quite simultaneously to try and keep them fresh. I also added some collage at the end. I feel quite pleased with them. This is really the first work I’ve done in the studio so far and I feel a lack of confidence, but I have tried to fight through those negative feelings. I have tried as much as possible not to overwork them and to rely on the fact that my feelings towards them will change over time. While working I try to surprise myself. I use quite simple visual motifs like grids, stripes, dots, circles, triangles and squares as well as layers of opaque and translucent colours. I think these motifs give me a sense of security when painting abstracts. I’m pleased but I am ever conscious that I have a lot of work to do and a long way to go with my work. I think more regular painting will help me loosen up. I’m aware that I don’t think of any situations when I’m painting and I don’t have any particular concept that I know of. It’s difficult to connect my visual thinking and my intuition with something more intellectual. Maybe this will come with time.


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