“Great start, so well done. Your first steps into the writings of

Greenberg are careful and steady and your blog about the exhibitions
you viewed were much more free flowing as I would expect. Don’t be
frightened to express your opinions on what you read, as you edge
forward you will be able to soon compare one to the other. Good start,
so well done.”

This is the feedback from my tutor about the last two posts. I agree that I was quite reticent about the Greenberg article. I found it difficult to follow sometimes and I often felt like he could’ve got to the point a bit faster. I also agree that my blog about the exhibition was more free flowing, I felt very inspired by it and really freed. In my next blog I will try to be more free flowing and less worried about getting things wrong. It’s refreshing to write from the heart about academic things and a very useful exercise in my opinion.

It really didn’t occur to me to compare what I had learned from both blogs so I’m really glad my tutor pointed that out. 


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